Sports and Recreation

The age old adage cannot be overlooked, no matter what; “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”

With this in mind we are adorned with a surfeit sports complex including Badminton, Swimming, Squash, Boxing and Basketball. Also we are privileged to share our ‘Natraja’ grandeur for dance, theatre and movies.

Our students are exposed to a variety of kinetic skills to explore their talents and potentials in their true perspective.

Leisure spent in liking has always been an anti-stress medication and henceforth we strive to train the students to use sports and recreation, not only as an anti-stress but also as a skill to excel in the concerned sport of choice. In order to patronise their innate abilities and determine their area of interest we have  Swimming with a standard sized swimming pool, Basketball, Atheletics, Boxing, Squash and Badminton, followed by Inter-School and Inter-House competitions, making the students get adept with the rubrics of the respective game.

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