Principal’s Message

My Dear K.D.M.A WORLD Family,
Greetings to all our readers.

I am indeed honoured and privileged to be a part of the fraternity of educators, all with the same unprejudiced discernment to disseminate education.

Being a part of the bambinos to the adolescent, needs a varied persona which actually provides a satisfaction to come down to their level, with their issues and assist them solve on their own.

At the end, it is extremely satiating to witness all the pupils at K.D.M.A World striving to resolve their task, whether in group or individually, with determination and persistence.

In the past years, though witnessing various crests and troughs, we have evolved successfully to secure our goal of carving our benchmark, i.e. to impart knowledge with a strong blend of celibacy, as they say, “The only difference between the words WORLD and WORD is ‘L’ and ‘L’ stands for learning.”

With every new session we look forth for the holistic development of our children in order to procure them with the manoeuvre palpable as per the requisite as life is thronged with untoward instances and mystic happenstances; we expect our children to be subtle and sublime for all.

We also, as a concord, deal with the ideology “Let the innate come as naturally as leaves on a tree, else futile”.With this presage we strive to spread the message of education and its essentiality in verity.

Cheer up ! Be Blessed !

With warm regards
S. Raja

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