Chairman KDMA Group

K.D.M.A World is not just a school but a dream always in pursuit with a hovering constellation and each star in the constellation is an ardent pupil of K.D.M.A WORLD.

With a vision to spread education and combat illiteracy, we laid the foundation of this temple to educate all and create as many strong pillars for the society to come. As we the cliché goes “For men may come and men may go, but the river of Education will always flow” ; with this perspective we anticipate to cater quality education and guidance to all those who wish to be a part of this legacy and form a pristine heritage of it.

The motive of Education, in the current scenario has been merely restricted to a resource of earning livelihood, but apart from this the indispensable motive is the behavioural change, including the upliftment of each pupil’s Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor skills.

What else could be incomparable and valuable possession of an individual than education itself which makes the person prudent with the acumen and adaptability for contingencies.

K.D.M.A WORLD’s constant pursuit of excellence in school education has earned it the status of one of the premier residential schools for boys in the country. The school has been amongst the top ten residential schools of India for the last many years and it is a testimony to the fact that the word ‘complacency’ doesn’t not exist in our lexical repertoire. I am really proud to be the head of such an exciting and dynamic school and to work with the well-organized and ever evolving team.

What fills me with pride is the fact that at K.D.M.A WORLD, we have been providing an enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum that prepares our students for taking on the challenges and succeed in career and life. We firmly believe that the students, teachers and parents all play a very vital role in helping students exploit their utmost potential.

We have succeeded in providing opportunities to our students to establish excellent rapport with teachers, peers and alumni and build a stronger sense of community, camaraderie and belongingness.

Our school has the unique distinction of having great infrastructure which we constantly enrich and this infrastructure is not for showcasing, we ensure that it serves the purpose for which it has been procured, i.e. all round development of our students.

The success of K.D.M.A WORLD can be attributed to our ability to continually identify and respond to ever changing demands across the rapidly rising school education sector as evidenced in the recent development in the school like embedding internationalism in the school curriculum and not only keeping pace but being proactive in the field of educational technology. Besides, regular interaction with students of reputed schools across the globe via video conferencing and conduct of global tours. Student exchange programmes have also helped giving a much needed thrust on international exposure which is the need of the hour and is in synchronization with our vision which envisages producing global citizens. We have been granted the membership of the Round Square which will give further impetus to our holistic approach to learning.

Dr. Sanjay Kapoor

Chairman (K.D.M.A Group of Schools)

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