In order to maintain the health and well being of all our taught, we take stern measurements for their health and hygiene. In case of any medical urgency and inevitability we have a well equipped infirmary as a support system to back up the need. A well trained and experienced custodian makes sure that any such ill-occurrence is stabilised with relief and steadiness.

English Lab

For a better understanding of Prose, Poetry and Drama, enactment and dramatization plays a vital role for a long term retention and a comprehensive study.

The English lab is a well defined scaffold for the pupils to exhibit their interest and doubts in the study of core Literature, which also enhances their theatre skills at vogue also promoting them for learning the Literature Vernacular convulsively.

The Math’s Lab

We take pride in announcing a well equipped Math’s Lab. The use of the abacus , and other easier methods of calculations make our students mathematical wizards. The visit, to the mathematics lab, motivates our students to enjoy Math’s and makes it a fun game.

Science Labs

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs are stocked with all the requirements for the pupils to comprehend science in a better way. All the tools, chemicals and specimen are as per the latest syllabus prescribed by the council for the children to enhance the scientific temperament and pave a stronghold path towards the world of science.

The Biology Lab

Every living being is a mystery for us. Our Bio Lab presents a display of various flora and fauna which the children generally see in their books only. In this way the life sciences take on a clear and vivid meaning for our students.

The Chemistry Lab

To enhance the analytical skills of the children our Chemistry Lab is well equipped with all major apparatus and chemicals. Exposure of children to this advanced equipment enables them to take keen interest in the subject. It brings alive the subject and grips the imagination of the students.

The Physics Lab

To demonstrate theoretical concepts, the physics lab has been profusely equipped with advanced apparatus. This enables children to understand these theories in a practical manner, which develops a clear and deep understanding of the subject.


Geography Lab

The Geography lab provides a research based study to the students about the world and its various parts, with the help of globe, topographic sheets and wide maps.

Be it Political or Physical, the students are able to frame a vivid outline that what all exists on Earth and the phenomena of Universe.

The Language Lab for Spoken English

In order to achieve success in life, effective communication is very essential. To enhance the communication skills of the students a language lab has been developed, where children are being taught communication skills.

The Personality Development Lab

A child is a sapling which matures by adopting different constituents of its surroundings to become a vast, shady and a beautiful tree. The different constituents comprise manners, etiquette, decency and of course personality. A person without these is incomplete. KDMA provides room for the growth of the personality and the wholesome growth of a child. The mentor guides the students to make their lives glide smoothly.

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