Vision & Mission

As the Scripture quotes “Let the children come to me for the kingdom of heaven is for them.”

Our mission has always been to “change bricks into marbles” and the team has always put in undaunted efforts to do the same.

As the Psalm of Life teaches “Learn to labour and to wait, with God overhead and a heart within”, our mission has always been to let the pupils inculcate the virtues of life and be adept to face the adverse with dexterity and diligence.

Rekindling the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, we expect our pupils to imbibe the words as:

“Life is a bivouac and a battle,
Stand against all odds to rattle.” 

Hereafter we, as potters toil severely to shape, carve and embroider the soft clays to lustre in the world distinctively and make their mark for generations to come.

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