Lollipops Events

Month Competitions Parties/Celebration Special Assemblies Visits
April Budding Artist Colours all around Book Day & Earth Day Say hello to the friends again /
My school premises
May Still Alive Mom my best buddy Labour Day Holy terrains
July Clay Play Tanda – 2 Cool – 2 Moral Values Amazonia
August Toastmasters Meetha Rishta Independence Day Parle-G
September I know it Me and My Mentor Janmashtami Shopping is fun
October Just a minute Festive Mood Dussehra / Durga Pooja Mcdonald’s
November Footloose Lollies’ Day Diwali & Guru Parv Theatre
December Number Cruncher Santa in Town Christmas Adventure Arena
January Cross Country Cook it up Republic Day Let’s fly
February Spin a web Spring Wing Basant Panchami Nature Walk
March Magic in your hands Step Up Holi

Upcoming Events