Services at K.D.M.A WORLD are provided through a full-fledged air conditioned Dispensary and an ambulance. The goal of the school nurse is to promote a healthy environment for the students, prevent and control the occurrence and spread of infectious and/or communicable diseases, and maintain and to provide the first aid treatment to the students and staff of the school.

The stock registers and students health cards are maintained. The students health cards are maintained for five years time, which consists of the child’s name, class, height, weight, doctor’s check-up record on the basis of regular health camps which include Pediatrics, Chest / Allergy, Ophthalmic, E.N.T. and Dental.

A routine check-up of the boarding children is done on monthly basis . The students are also given health and hygiene talks in frequently conducted Health Camps.


The K.D.M.A WORLD Computer Department provides computer technology (computers, networks, and Internet access) to support the educational needs of the school and to enhance the curriculum and learning opportunities for students as per the requirements of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations.

Time soon saw the computer lab proudly announcing the arrival of the latest state of the art machines and the stage was finally set to expand the facility in the form of a second computer lab, fully furnished with the latest brands of computer peripherals.

Today, our school boasts of three fully furnished, air conditioned computer labs equipped with all the latest equipment the world has to offer. The Junior and the Primary labs have computers each with LCD Projectors as well. A separate computer set-up is provided to train kids using audio-visual teaching in the Nursery section.

All systems for the students remain under the control, custody and supervision of the School Computer Department; which reserves the right to monitor all students computer activities in the entire school.


The K.D.M.A WORLD possesses top class Science Laboratories to house the components of the  science and computer departments on the ground floor.

The block has three separate science labs for Chemistry, Physics and Biology, each well equipped with all modern amenities including basic requirements like workbenches, electrical outlets, sinks, cupboards for glassware, microscopes, specimens, electrical equipment underneath workbenches and around the three sides of the room with a clear walkway all around the room in front of the workbenches, so that students can move about safely. Each lab is also provided with Fire extinguishers and  First-aid kits for safety.

As computers have become an integral, rather than adjunct part of the educational process, our school is taking a fresh look at the science labs, considering a redesign on this area to switch over from traditional teaching to teaching with technology to create state-of-the-art instructional lab facility, with computer systems and LCD Projectors to   facilitate teaching and learning through technology.

Audiovisual aids strengthen an instructor’s verbal presentation while helping his students capture a specific message, keeping the audience’s attention throughout a module


The K.D.M.A WORLD Libraries are a well stocked, up to date treasure of knowledge. We have two libraries in the school – the Primary and the Senior School Library.

The books are easily accessible by the students and staff. Every student is entitled to borrow two books at a time.

The books are classified under the following sections:
Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Atlas, English, Hindi, Religion, G.K., Religion,

Biographies, Fiction, Reference, Reserve Periodicals and Journals Magazines
Competition and Career Magazines and subject wise books as per the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations

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