What does it cost to materialize one’s dream? I guess the dream itself. What are the rewards of the fulfillment of that dream? The enactment itself.In my case there is a bonus; of a million endearing smiles, a million fulfilled hopes and a million curved futures.

No one can resist an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo.

Children, parents and staff welcome to KDMA World and the World of Lollipops. It is after giving you KDMA International and the internationally flavored Lollipops I enriched myself and decided that you deserve the best and only the best. It is this enrichment that brings forth the classic in modern day education and life skills – KDMA World.

In KDMA World I present to you such world class infrastructure that has never been seen in your city. I offer to you a faculty that is hand-picked from around the country. I propose a curriculum whose relevance would be undiminished long after the scholars have left school.

I believe “It is a greater work to educate a child, in the true and larger sense of the word, than to rule a state”.

Dr. Sanjay Kapoor

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